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We search the World to bring you the best quality products from reliable manufacturers to match your requirements.  Our suppliers have ISO/BRC certification and the factories have been visited by our team as part of the approval process prior to commence business.

Sweetened Condensed Milk

Sweetened Condensed Milk

Made with fresh milk. We also source from major brands.

Packing: In common cans: 397 g (48 cans per box or 12 cans per polyethylene package), 1 kg (12/24 cans per box), 11 kg.
In cans with easy-open, peel-off lids: 385 g (48 cans per box, 12 cans per polyethylene package).
In plastic buckets: 13 kg.
In Fluid Bag containers: 1,000 kg.
In other containers. Can be transported via road tankers or as you desire.


White with light cream or drab tone.
Viscous, smooth.
Flavour and odour
Pleasant, sweet and typical for pasteurised milk.
12 months