Why choose us?

As a Global wholesale distribution business of diary products we recognise the value of delivering our promises thus ensuring the highest standards of service at all times.

We put a great deal of effort into carefully curating our selection.

  • Great prices. While we may not offer discounts, our prices are always fair. We make sure we provide an online Dutch store that sells products from Holland at great prices.
  • All of your suppliers are selected in line with our company values. We invest a significant amount of time in developing personal relationships with both our suppliers and clients and we are constantly working hard to maintain our reputation.
  • By visiting all the productions lines of our suppliers on a regular basis we can constantly monitor their standards and ensure that your business is never affected by any problems we identify.
  • All of our shipments are tracked and we will always keep you informed of the progress of your delivery.
  • All our products have full traceability. This enables us to go to the original raw material of any lot dispatched.

How We Work

We Listen To You

It's you around the world we listen to. They tell us what they like from Holland, from delicious Dutch cookies to baby milk powder. Your opinion and feedback are the basis of our research and sourcing.

Sourcing Great Stuff

We team up with both manufacturers, as well as wholesalers, to stock the finest, genuine products from Netherlands and around the world.

Our Pricing Structure

We endeavor to create a transparent business model. We do not make any profit on the shipping charges, and simply charge you the official POSTNL rates. Our only profits are the margins on the products themselves, and we ensure all products are priced in line with the official retail prices in Netherlands.

International Delivery

We ship orders to any address in the world. Whether you reside in the US, Australia or China, we are just as happy to serve you.


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